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TFPX series rotary distributor

It is used in a fully enclosed silo in an environmentally friendly workshop, and the air suction port sucks the dust generated by the airflow pressure when cutting the material, so as to achieve the effect of smooth cutting and no dust.


●It is a device that can automatically adjust the chamber position and use the self-flow of the material to transport it to the pre-positioned device. It is a remote control device that supplies materials from point to multi-point;

●It has the characteristics of compact structure, fast and accurate positioning, fast feeding and discharging speed, stable and reliable;

●Automatic cleaning of dust in the machine, with preset positions, automatic display, easy operation and maintenance;

The self-contained air suction product is mainly used in the fully enclosed silo in the environment-friendly workshop. The air suction port is used to absorb the dust generated by the air pressure rushed down when the material is cut, so as to achieve the effect of smooth cutting and no dust;

Main specifications and technical parameters


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